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gold ore crushing plant

Material Introduction:

Gold ores are divided into:alluvial gold ore, gold-bearing quartz vein ore, rich electrum ore, oxide gold ore, iron sulfide gold ore, copper sulfide gold ore, arsenic sulfide gold ore, copper sulfide gold ore, antimony sulfide gold ore, polymetallic sulfide gold ore, telluride gold ore, carbonaceous gold ore, and etc. It can also be divided into the following types by gold occurrences: independent native gold, dispersed gold in gold-containing minerals, fine gold in adsorbed sate, isomorphous replacement lattice gold or solid gold. Etc.

Gold processing:

Shanghai DBM Machinery is a professional manufacture for suppling equipments in god ore processing. We supply the whole complete gold processing equipments according to customers’ needs. Our company is devoted to research and development in gold ore processing technology, exploiting the newest and high performance solutions and designs for our customers continually. Our performance
advantages :
1, advanced ore beneficiation principle, reliable operation.
2, increased comprehensive performance.
3, convenient maintenance, save time.
4, large capacity and high efficiency.
5, investment benefits in short time.

Gold ore application:

Due to Gold’s good physical and mechanical properties , corrosion resistance and high chemical stability, it has a wide applications. Gold’s fair color and easy to process features make it the good choice to make jewellery and decorations since ancient time; gold has high chemical stability so it has been made as currency since long time ago till now still the most important international currency; in modern industry , gold has been mostly used in electronics field; in aircraft industry, alloy gold will state to be made as spark plug electrode in engine; due to gold’s fair color has good performance in light absorption, and its reflectivity is 94.4% , so it will be used in militarily to defense heat radiation from missiles and ordinary heat sources; in chemical industry, gold is used as coating layer in steel pipes to convey corrosive materials; in construction industry, gold is used as advanced insulation medium in modern building windows; gold is also used in dental prosthetics in medical; gold’s radioisotopeto be used to diagnose and cure arthritis and cancers;gold leaf can be used to cure burn and skin ulcer; besides above applications , alloy gold also will be used to make components and contactors in instruments and meters; to be made for watch shells and pen points. Alloy gold products hve reliable performance and long life .


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