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barite grinding mill plant

Barite jaw crusher:

Barite jaw crusher is based on motor powder,its working type is of moving and squeezing. The working principle is as follows: jaw crusher uses motor as its power. Through the motor’s wheels,the eccentric shaft is driven by the triangle belt and slot wheel to make the movable jaw plate move by a regulated track. Therefore,the materials in the crushing cavity composed of fixed jaw plate,movable jaw plate and side-lee board can be crushed and discharge through the discharging opening,to reach batch production.

Barite Raymond Mill:

When barite Raymond mill is working,it will add the materials(which is need to crush) into the machine from hood shell side hopper,relying on roller device of hanging on the host plum flower shelf,around the vertical axis of revolution,itself rotates at the same time,due to the effect of rotating centrifugal force when the roller swing outward,press in ring,the shovel knife scooping up materials to the middle area of grinding roller and grinding ring,the continuous roller rolling to crush material.

Winnowing process:

After materials grinded,the fan will blow the wind to the main chassis,blowing powder,separated by the grinding chamber at the top of the analyzer,not very fine materials will down to grinding room to grind again,the particles with the required fineness are brought up by the air current through the pipe into a collector for separation and collection and the finished particles are discharged from a pipe outlet. Barite Raymond Mill advantages:1.Three-dimensional structure,small cover areas,complete sets;2. Uniformity finished product fineness;3. Stable and reliable operation; 4.High wear-resisting performance,long service life; 5.Centralize control,can achieve unattended operation.

Barite high pressure suspension grinding mill:

Barite high pressure suspension grinding mill,there are 1000-1500kgs high tension spring in its main engine.Its main equipments including main engine, jaw crusher,bucket elevator,blower,bag dust collector and connecting duct and so on. Materials are firstly crushed by the jaw crusher,then the crushed materials are transferred to a hopper by the elevator and fed uniformly,quantitatively and continuously by the vibrating feeder to the grinding chamber of the main frame for grinding. The grinded particles are brought up by the are current of the blower into the classifier for classification. The particles with the required fineness are brought up by the air current through the pipe into a collector for separation and collection and the finished particles are discharged from a pipe outlet.

Barite 6R high pressure suspension grinding mill:

Working principle: Materials are crushed by jaw crusher,and then according to the main engine’s working situation,the bucket elevator will convey the materials evenly to the grinding area, the shovel knife scoops up materials to the grinding belt that formed by grinding roller and grinding ring. Grinding device equips high pressure spring,make the pressure that comes between grinding roller and grinding ring increased 1.2 times,reduce the frequency of the roller gear back and forth at the same time,increased and improve the efficiency of the mill.Grinded powder materials will enter into analytic engine under the help of recirculating air,not required materials will be returned to grind again and required materials will be enter into powder collector,separating and the discharged from a pipe outlet. The interaral parts are produced by Baogang Group’s high manganese steel and combined with advanced production technology,it has strong,wear-resisting,long service life when compared with other products.

Barite ball mill:

Barite ball mill is consist of feeding,discharging,rotary part,transmission part(reducer,small driving gear,electric motor,electrical control) and other major parts. Hollow shaft adopts steel,lined with removable,rotary wheel adopts gear hobbing machining,casting cylinder body with wear resistant lining board,has a good wear resistance. Stable and reliable operation. Ball mill host including cylinder,useful lining made of wear resistant material in cylinder body,gear,driven part,such as motor,drive gear,pulley and triangle and so on. About blade part,generally it is not the main component. Sometimes,the screw conveyor will be used as a accessory equipment work together with ball mill,but it is not ball mill part any more now. According to the material and the way of ore discharge,there are dry ball mill and wet grate ball mill.Energy-saving ball mill,use automatic self-aligning double row centripetal spherical roller bearings,small resistance,energy saving effect is remarkable. Cylinder parts,the original cylinder increases the discharge end a cone cylinder,increase the effective volume of grinding machine,and make the medium allocation more reasonable. This product is widely used in non-ferrous metals,ferrous metals,non-metallic mineral processing field,chemical industry and building materials for the use of materials grinding.

Barite application fields:

Barite is a kind of non-renewable resource,is one of China’s export advantage minerals,widely used in petroleum,natural gas drilling mud weighting agent,and the consumption of barium chemicals and packing is also increased year by year. Drilling oil and gas Wells of circulation rotary drilling mud weighting agent cooling bit, take away the debris of cutting down, lubrication drill pipe, closed pore wall, oil and gas pressure control, prevent oil flowing, chemical production of barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium sulfate, lithopone, barium hydroxide, barium oxide and barium compounds these barium compounds are widely used in the reagent, catalyst, sugar refining, textile, fire prevention, coagulating agent all kinds of fireworks, synthetic rubber, plastics, pesticides, the surface of the steel quenching, phosphor, fluorescent lamp, fluxing agent, oil additives, etc. Glass deoxidizing agent, clarifying agent, flux increase glass optical stability, luster and strength, rubber, plastic, paint filler, whitening agent, weighting agent, construction of concrete aggregate, paving material weight swamps buried pipe, prolong the service life of pavement.


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