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bentonite grinding plant


Bentonite is a kind of clay rock,also called montmorillonite clay rock. Mainly include small amounts of illite,kaolinite,halloysite,chlorite,quartz,feldspar,zeolite,calcite and so on.White or faint yellow,because of iron content changes,it also shows pale gray,light green,pink,brown red,brick red,and gray black etc. Waxy luster,earthy or grease luster. Some bentonite loose as soil,some dense and hard. Its main chemical composition is SiO2,Al2O3 and H2O,also Fe,Mg,Ca,Na,K and so on,Na2O and CaO impact much on the chemical and physical properties and the process technology of the bentonite. Bentonite has been used in more than 20 fields,more than 100 department of application including industrial and agricultural productions,it has more than 300 products,so people call it “universal soil”.

Bentonite’s process technology:

Bentonite grinding mill is one of a kind of raymond mill,it developed and produced mainly for bentonite’s physical properties.It is made of main engine,air blower,pipeline device,Powder Concentrator,and also can be equipped crushers,bucket elevator,magnetic vibrating feeder,electric motor and so on as per users’ needs.Materials are firstly crushed by the jaw crusher,then the crushed materials are transferred to a hopper by the elevator and fed uniformly,quantitatively and continuously by the vibrating feeder to the grinding chamber of the main frame for grinding. The grinded particles are brought up by the air current of the blower into the classifier for classification. The particles with the required fineness are brought up the the air current through the pipe into a collector for separation and collection and the finished particles are discharged from a pipe outlet. Shanghai DBM Machinery Co.,Ltd newly produce bentonite grinding mill is to adapt to the development direction of large scale,green and intelligent of equipments.Its novel design,reasonable structure,small cover area,low power consumption,long time operation,low cost vulnerable parts and high cost effective make this kind of mill reaches the international first-class level.

Bentonite application field:

Because of its good physical and chemical properties,bentonite(montmorillonite) can be used as binder,suspending agent,thixotropic agent,stabilizer,purifying bleaching agent,filling,feed and catalyst etc.,and widely used in agriculture,light industry,cosmetics and medicines,so the montmorillonite is a kind of natural mineral materials with widely uses. Montmorillonite has adsorption and cation exchange performance,it can be used to remove toxins from the edible oil,gasoline and kerosene purification,and waste water treatment.Due to its good water absorption expansion performance,suspended and mud making,it used in drilling mud,flame retardant(suspended fire). It also can be used as filler in papermaking industry,optimize the performance of the coating,such as adhesion,covering power,water resistance and washing resistance. Because of its good adhesive power,it can be used as the yarn sizing in the textile industry instead of starch,without lint-free and bad smell after oar.


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