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construction wastes crushing plant

Description of construction wastes:

Construction waste is the generated renovation, spoil, disposable materials and other wastes during construction units or individuals constructing, laying or removal, mucking on various buildings, structures, etc. Currently, the number of construction waste has accounted for 40% -50% of the total municipal waste, but most of construction wastes have little treatment, than transported to the countryside or rural with open dumps or landfills, by construction unit,that cause a considerable amount of the land acquisition fees and garbage fees,at the same time, the removal and stacking process, also caused serious environmental pollution. Thus recycling of construction waste, not only has significant environmental benefits, but also produce huge economic benefits. After sorting ,removing or crushing,most material of the construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource.

Processing technology of construction wastes:

In the field of construction waste processing, equipment for crushing plant is a professional construction waste recycling system, integrating vibrating screen, feeder, and belt conveyor, with primary crusher , secondary crusher and tertiary crushers .Based on the side of users,this system solves the problem of large costs caused in the transportation , and reduces the crushing time.The integrated structure eliminates the work of complex installation, reducing material consumption. From the technical point of view, the performance of the domestic construction waste disposal equipment are more suitable for customer to choose because of its relatively cheaper price and the high quality of the products and the service.

Portable crushing plant for construction wastes:

1,A integration unit: The integrated structure eliminates the work of complex installation, reducing material consumption.with simple and compact layout of the facility, it is expanding the material stacking and the transport space.
2,Good mobility and flexible:the portable crushing plant have good mobility that it can achieve small turning radius, and move successful on the poor road conditions.that will save much time and operate space.
3,Decrease the transportation costs:based on the "close processing" principle, the material can be broken at the first site, eliminating the material transportation from one crushing place to another site.it will greatly reduced the cost of transportation.
4, Direct and effective operation:it can be used independently, or cooperates with other equipment according to the product requirements, providing a more flexible process plan to meet various requirements such as mobile crushing, screening and other moves. that generate organization, logistics and transportation to a high level.
5, good adaptability: as a set of simple, low-cost combination equipment for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system ,it can not only operate independently Raiders single group but also be composed of a flexible system for joint operations..
6, easy maintenance and reliable performance: it has high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, with reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, can meet the widest range of requirements for coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening .it equipes with efficient and reliable screening ratio.

Application of construction waste:

(1) The abandoned concrete and masonry can be reused to produce the aggregate.the coarse aggregate can be applied to make brick, siding, floor tiles and other building materials or to produce concrete, mortar and preparation .After adding some solidifying material, the fine aggregate can also be used to form road pavement base.
(2)The discarded brick aggregates can be used to reproduce recycled bricks, blocks, panels, tiles and other building materials.
(3) The cinder-block can be used for road construction, pile filler, road foundation, etc.
(4) For the Waste timber, those damaged lightly timber can be used to reconstruct the building, while the badly damaged wooden components can be used as renewable wood panels or paper and other raw materials.
(5) The Waste asphalt can be used directly to reproduce asphalt concrete with an appropriate proportion .
(6) The waste road material can be processed into recycled aggregate concrete.
(7) The mental wastes such as scrap steel, scrap metal, scrap steel can be directly reused or recycled processing.
(8) glass, waste plastic, waste ceramics, etc., can be reused as the actual situation.


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