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gypsum grinding plant

Gypsum Introduction:

Gypsum is monoclinic system mineral,its main chemical composition is CaSO4. Gypsum is a kind of industrial materials and building materials with widely uses,can be used for cement retarder,gypsum building products,model making,medical food additives,sulfuric acid production,packing paper packing,paint and so on. Natural dihydrate gypsum(CaSO4·2H2O) also called raw gypsum,after calcining,grinding process,it changed be β-CaSO4·1/2H2O,namely,the building gypsum,also known as plaster of paris,plaster. Model gypsum will be got when the calcining temperature is 190℃,its fineness and whiteness are higher than building gypsum. Also the floor gypsum will be got when raw gypsum calcining temperature is 400-500℃,or calcining temperature higher than 800℃,it has low speed of condensation and hardening,but after hardening,its hardness,abrasion resistance and water resistance performance are better than building gypsum.

Gypsum processing technology:

The gypsum grinding mill produced by Shanghai DBM Machinery Co.,Ltd can grind ≤40mm inflammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3,mainly for calcite,talc,gypsum,feldspar,barite,kaolin. Because of big changes of main engine’s grinding roller and rollers,materials will be grinded many times and make full use of the effect of the rollers centrifugal force and large contact area,and can produce high fineness powder.The fineness of finished products between 5-45 micron. The industrial powder is mainly used for chemical industry,medicine,building materials,such as oil paint,color,paper pulp additive etc. Its special design changes traditional grinding mills’ structure,grinding roller and grinding ring with tungsten carbide,extend the use life,do not need to change spare parts frequently,improving the efficiency greatly.

Gypsum application field:

Gypsum is the main materials to produce gypsum plaster and plaster building products,and also the portland cement retarder. Anhydrite cement can be got after 600-800℃ calcined and grinded with some little lime catalyzer. High temperature calcined gypsum will be got after 900-1000℃ calcined and grinded. The hardness of the above two kinds of gypsum finished products are higher than building gypsum’s,and anhydrite cement has good thermal insulation,high temperature calcined gypsum has good abrasion resistance and water resistance.


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