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limestone grinding plant

Limestone Introduction:

Limestone is mainly contain calcium carbonate(CaCO3),a lot of limestones are used as building materials,are also the important raw materials for many industries. It is a widely used and widespread resource. Limestone can be used as coating material and tile adhesives,can be processed into stones and become raw lime after calcining directly;can be got cement after mixed with clay and calcining under high temperature;can be got glass after mixed with quartz sand,soda ash and others and calcining under high temperature. Iron making can remove the gangue and flux limestones;Remove sulfur,phosphorus and other harmful impurities,the raw lime can be used as slag materials to do steelmaking. Calcium carbide is made through quicklime and coke in an electric furnace. Pure limestone powder calcium carbonate is made after calcining and processing limestones,and it used as the filling materials of rubber,plastic,paper,toothpaste and cosmetics and so on.

Limestones processing technology:

As a very important building materials,limestones have a long history of application. In modern industry,the limestone is the main raw materials to create the cement,lime,calcium carbide etc. Shanghai DBM Machinery Co.,Ltd is mainly produce limestone production processing equipment,and have many years’ experience of producing limestone crushers,limestone grinding mills. The machines we produce have already used to multiple limestone production line,we have advanced engineers of limestone crushing and grinding projects,they can design a set of limestone crushing and grinding system,provide the preliminary design consulting,design installation including system commissioning,trial production,workers training-a whole set of perfect pre-sale,sale and after-sale process according to users’ requirements. This equipment operation is stable and reliable performance,process simplification,simple structure,convenient maintenance,large production capacity,long service lift,good comprehensive benefits of customers and high return on investment.

Limestone application fields:

1)The most common is to produce portland cement. Generally speaking,after crushing and grinding,limestone can meet the requests of cement raw materials. With the fast development of economy and buildings,cement industries develop fastly,and there are a lot of limestones will be needed for cement industries in the following years.
2) Produce high-grade paper coating level heavy calcium carbonate products. This kind of high value-added fine,superfine heavy calcium carbonate are widely used in papermaking process, after crushing,size - 2m ≥90 % used for neutral sizing of paper making process.size -2mm,≥50% used for filling materials of besmear cloth paper.
3)Produce desulfurization absorber.After crush limestone and get size 0-2mm,+2mm <5%,0-0.45mm>50% instead of raw lime or slaked lime,and after a series of chemical reaction and get gypsum. This technology equipments are mature and can be used widely.
4)Produce sand.After process limestones can get sand size of 28-75 mesh,this sand have higher performance than quartz sand,and easy to clean up.This is a potential market for metallurgy industry limestone ores.
5)Used as filling materials of plaster and painting. It is used as natural calcium carbonate mineral of this kind of products raw material,namely,limestone must contain CaCO3: optimal grade 9810%,first-class product 9610%,second 9410%,Fe2O3≤011%,Mn ≤0102 % , Cu ≤01001 %,white degree >90. Besides,size 10-15m powder minerals are used for filling materials,-10m sizes used for filling materials of plaster,rubber and paper making,-5m sizes are used for ink filling materials after activation process.


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