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quartz crushing plant

Material Introduction:

Quartz is one of the mineral resources and has very stable physical and chemical performances, quartz is the short name for quartz plates by their manufacturers , quartz as the main material in making quartz plates and its quantity reaches to 93% , so it is called quartz stone. The crystal system of quartz is hexagonal system, the system is combination of axial, columnar, hexagonal bipyramid face shape, massive , coarse grained, stalactitic and concretion forms, its mosh’s hard is 7, quartz has bright color and touch smooth, its color can have many types : colorless, white , light gray, yellow, orange , purple, dark purple, pink , grayish brown, brown, black , has white streaks, and its proportion is 2.65~2.66

Quartz processing Pant:

Shanghai DBM Machinery is a professional manufacture to produce and provide equipments for quartz processing. We provide many kinds of crushing and grinding equipments for quartz according to customers’ requirements. The bulk quartz will be evenly fed into primary crusher (jaw crusher)from hopper through vibrating feeder, after a coarse crushing the quartz will be conveyed to the secondary crusher(impact crusher or cone crusher) by belt conveyor for fine crushing; after a fine crushing the quartz will be conveyed to vibrating screen by belt conveyor and then will get different sizes and specifications of quartz after screening, the required sizes will be conveyed to finished products stock piles ; the unqualified sizes will be returned back to impact crusher or cone crusher by belt conveyor for re-crush which will form a close circuit for multi-crushing line. The finished product sizes can be combined or classified by customers’ requirements, in order to protect the environment, customers can use dust collectors during the production .

Quartz Application:

The main element of quartz ore is quartz, it has various combination in colors which make it has natural stone’s good texture and beautiful surface. Quartz ore table boards have various colors, gobi series, crystal series, granite series, flash star series are very characteristic, can be widely used in public construction(hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions and labs, ect) and home decorations(kitchen counters, sinks, walls in kitchen and bath, dining tables, end tables, window sills,door pockets, etc). Quartz has no radioactive pollution , it is environment protection, green and new building material and also can be recycle used. It shall be pointed out that the quality of quartz has direct relationship with the quantity of resin. The higher concent of quarts in quartz ore , the less resin exists, then the quartz will have better quality which close to be natural, and be harder to be transformed. Experts say that when the content of resin is more than 10% in quartz ore , its relevant technical index will be declined, and this quartz will not be called real quartz.


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